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FIC: What She Needs - 1/1, NC17, McCoy/Uhura

Title: What She Needs
Author: Jo (
Fandom: Star Trek AOS
Pairing: Leonard 'Bones' McCoy/Nyota Uhura (implied Spock/Uhura)
Rating: NC17
Word count: 374
Summary: Spock isn't always what Uhura needs.
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters, I'm just borrowing them for a minute or two. Eternal love and thanks to Gene Roddenberry for creating this world.
Author's Notes: Lazy Hazy Summer Daze #21 for jaye_voy who asked.

( Love has nothing to do with this. )

Star Trek Fic: Out of Many, One

Title: Out of Many, One
Genre: Romance/Friendship fic
Word Count: ~39,000
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: McCoy/Uhura, Jim/Spock
Warnings: None
Summary: The holidays are a time for family and friends, for celebrations and showing them just how much they mean to you. For people from different walks of life and different cultures, it also means finding a common ground. McCoy, Uhura, Jim, and Spock's first holiday season together at the Academy.
Author's Note: As always, a huge thanks to phoenix_laugh for the beta. A far, far overdue Christmas present for rusting_roses. So late, in fact, that it kind of became a fusion Christmas/birthday present. As always, my dear, we've had some crazy adventures along the way. The road's usually not straight, and I'm more likely than not to take the long way around, but we got there. To be quite frank, I wouldn't trade our adventures for the world, you've become a lifelong friend, one of the best I've ever had. We'll raise a glass this fall (maybe even with a bit of real alcohol!) to celebrate the adventures yet to come.

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ST XI Het Kink Meme

I created a ST XI Het Kink meme for all those who hate digging through the regular one for het pairings. This meme is not meant to compete against the others. More like a companion meme where users make new posts, fills, and crosspost their het prompts from there to here. I hope this meme will be as equally as active as the others.
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