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st_xi_kink uhura/mccoy archive

Crazy I might be, but I thought this would be a good idea. st_xi_kink is what introduced me not only to Trek fanfic (classy way to enter a fandom, self), but also the Uhura/McCoy pairing. SO I thought it'd be an amazing idea to archive all the Uhura/McCoy prompts from there here. This is slow work (and if you see something I missed, please comment), but nerdily rewarding, so think of it as a WIP.

I also propose the question: Would any of you be interested/participate in our own Bones/Uhura meme if I were to host one? It wouldn't be purely kink, it'd encompass gen, friendship, romantic, sexual, anything. Drop a comment here to let me know!

• Links to comment thread where you can then read the entire prompt all fulfillments of that prompt.
• Prompts have been stunted for easier navigation around the archive.
• A few posts for the kink meme allow no more comments, but don't let that stop you! If something inspires you, post it here at this comm.
• If you fulfill one of these, please comment here with prompt and post number so I can transfer the link from 'unfilled' to 'filled'.

archived through. . .
part 7/?

part one
bar pick-up
rebound sex -- filled here
drunken hookup via drinking contest
drunken fling, pre-spock/uhura
kirk and spock don't work. mccoy is just right.

sex in the captain's chair
friendly time at a bar
drunken fun
bones and uhura help spock through pon farr
drunken sex

part two
being second best isn't bad
loneliness, guilt, and handcuffs

annual physical
collar, dominance
falling in love via matchmaking
rebound connection
first time meeting

part three
art-inspired/high school fic, bitching session

lowered inhibitions via alien consumables (spock/uhura/mccoy threesome)
drunken suggestions/visits (spock/uhura/mccoy threesome)
gynecology exam, spock is suspicious
rough sex
together via matchmaking
accent kink
Kirk walks in on Uhura/McCoy in medical bay

part four
sex pollen
sharing a girlfriend (includes kirk/uhura)
uhura tops
uhura gets a haircut, mccoy thinks it's sexy

sex at the academy, turns into something emotional
(girl!mccoy) spock watches and directs
threesome with spock, relationship
academy fling
playing music; includes spock
teaching massage, threesome with spock
stranded on a planet
hot for tutor
chosen for marriage as act of good faith on alien planet; public consummation
revound sex
telling stories
5 times they didn't have hot sex and one time they did
5 times mccoy seduced uhura, 1 time she seduced him
post torture, lifeline
wingmen getting it on
phallic objects, secret sex
spock/kirk play matchmaker

part five
spock wants to see sex enacted before having it with uhura

spock tells uhura to get with whoever she wants due to pon farr
reason for spock/uhura break up
uhura recovers from pon farr under mccoy's care, ends up in threesome
attempts to make mccoy's ex jealous
h/c uhura meets mccoy's family, dad is racist
5 times mccoy unnecessarily yelled at uhura and one time he kissed her
threesome with spock/uhura
5 times they fucked, one time they made love
mccoy ends up in mirror!verse
incredibly kinky mccoy
5 times uhura and mccoy didn't end their affair and one time they did
jealous of spock and kirk's relationship, she sleeps with bones to get back at kirk for stealing her man

part six
kirk and spock cheat on their lovers, so their lovers get even
uhura is sex starved
joanna looks to uhura as a mother figure, causing mccoy to fall in love
she's pregnant with his kid

hot, rough sex
threesome with scotty, uhura and mccoy want to make his birthday special
uhura loves mccoy's dirty mouth
foursome relationship anniversary involving spock/uhura/mccoy/kirk
body swap (bonus points for sex and masturbation)
accidentally falling for each other
spock/uhura/mccoy, mccoy in the middle
dirty talk
mccoy enjoys eating women out *technically filled, but not with our beloved pairing
never have i ever
desk fucking
friends a la star trek
PTSD hurt/comfort
friends with benefits
threesome with nurse chapel
friendship fic

part seven
rescue from the ex-wife
spock dies, nyota goes to mccoy and kirk for comfort

threesome with spock, rode hard and put away wet
kirk is hounding after mccoy - nyota sets the record straight
mommy kink
never have i ever
aftermath of an away mission
blind date
foursome with kirk and spock included
gender bending drunken sex
dom mccoy, sub uhura
pregnant fic
pot-pollen leads to stoned sex
5 times they hooked up in angst, 1 time it was happy
fingering with latex gloves
mccoy is a skilled masseuse
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