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Request Meme

You may remember I asked about making one of these at the st_xi_kink Uhura/McCoy archive. So, I bring you. . .

The Uhura/McCoy Request Meme

o1. RPF is allowed, but try to stay away from it if possible.
o2. When writing a repsonse to a prompt, your MINIMUM is 250 words! We don't want a bunch of teensy drabbles in here. Other than that, go crazy, kids.
o3. EVERY PROMPT MUST BE IN ITS OWN COMMENT. This is important! I will give no warning if you post multiple prompts in one comment. I will simply delete your comment. Consider this your warning. Multiple prompts per comment? Don't do it, 'kay?

How this is gonna go down:
a) This is not a kink meme, although kink is certainly welcome. You can request anything in relation to Uhura and McCoy - friendship, romantic, sexual, partners in crime, anything so long as it expounds on their relationship.
b) Someone finds your prompt and likes it - hooray! Then they write a pretty fic for you, post it here, and you worship them for the awesome that they are.
c) I repeat, each prompt gets its own comment.
d) All prompts are welcomed with open arms here. NO ONE will hate on ANYONE ELSE'S PROMPT.
e) Please, if you read something and you like it, COMMENT. Nothing makes a writer happier than knowing someone enjoys their work.
f) Please try and write for a prompt if you request one. It's polite etiquette and will keep from too many fic-less prompts from accumulating.
g) Has someone already filled a prompt you wanted to write? Don't fret! The more fic the merrier so write away!
h) Have any questions? Just ask. I don't bite.

-Subject line:
This only needs to be done when posting a fic. Title - pairing - part a/part b (if there are multiple parts)
Not posting fic? Don't worry about it.

-Posting Your Prompts:
Just type it out, easy as pie. Please note (if it's not obvious) whether it's friendship, established relationship, etc.

Please, don't hesitate to pimp this; the more the merrier!
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